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Connecting Downtown Bartlesville Through Architecture

Unity Square is an urban park at the heart of Tower Center Arts District. The park is inspired by the works of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin Fellowship, connecting William Wesley Peters’ Bartlesville Community Center and Wright’s Price Tower. It serves as a place for visitors to gather, reflect and enjoy music, art, and local events. Funding for the 1.7 million dollar project was secured through a public vote in March 2018 and over $600,000 in donations from local foundations, businesses, and citizens.

Design Collaboration

The design for Unity Square was a collaboration by the entire community. Taliesin School of Architecture held a community design charrette, where the public was invited to participate in the design of the new park. The result was three distinct design options, each with its own strengths. The final layout marries the radial design of the Community Center with the triangular grid of Price Tower, intersecting at the Pavilion lawn to form Unity Square.

Special Thanks

Special thanks go to the following groups, without whom this special project would never have happened:

  • The Citizens of Bartlesville, who overwhelmingly voted to fund Unity Square.
  • The many foundations, businesses and private citizens who donated additional funds to enhance the park.
  • Councilmen Jim Curd and Alan Gentges, whose vision and passion put this project on the ballot.
  • The Design Committee who steered the direction and overall design.
  • Ambler Architects, who led the overall design and construction process pro bono.
  • Bartlesville Community Center and Price Tower Arts Center, who operate and maintain the park.


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